Why Call It “The Best?”

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So, I know...you're thinking "The BEST Craft Beer Blog? Really? Who does this guy think he is?"

The thing is, I'm not being serious. At all. Despite how proud I might be of it, I'm not naive enough to think this could ever be the "Best" Craft Beer Blog (that phrase will always be capitalized here, by the way - branding and all). There's just too many great writers with a higher beer IQ than me (is that a thing?), and on top of that - I don't have the time or the desire to look at thousands of other blogs to compare mine to. That's valuable time that could be used consuming the liquid gold that has us here in the first place.

Why "The Best Craft Beer Blog?"

Well, think of it like this: you're telling a story, and for dramatic effect or for the sake of exaggeration, you say: "Have you tried that new IPA from Brewery X? Ahhh, it's the BEST!" Or, as another example: upon checking into a 5-star hotel: "Have you seen the robotic toilets in the bathroom? They have heated seats AND they do all the work for you - they're the friggin' BEST!"

Well, apparently I do that for pretty much everything - food, beer, movies, vacations, and yes - apparently even toilets. Only after friends and colleagues brought it to my attention did I realize this, and I figured "That would make a great name for a blog that reviews some of The Best Craft Beer!" It also figures into any of the BEER REVIEWS that I do for this website, and how my RATING SYSTEM works.

So, there you have it: The Best Craft Beer Blog.

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