Welcome to The Best Craft Beer Blog – An Introduction


Well, it's about damn time!

First of all, let me start by saying that I've never really been much of a "blogger." I've always been a hands-on, person-to-person, in-your-face (not in a bad way), visual type of communicator. Sure, I type out plenty of words daily on various social media platforms (cheap plug: click the icons on the navigation bar at the top of the page to follow the accounts for this blog), but the idea of blogging regularly always seemed daunting to me. Once you start a blog, you create a responsibility - especially if your blog starts to gain an audience. Part of the problem was that I simply had very limited skills or experience in any kind of editorial/journalistic software. I know, I know: "Wordpress is so easy!" "Anyone can use Blogspot!" Well, that may be true. I have plenty of skills I'm proud of - I come from a video production background, I've done social media, I've always felt I'm good with words, etc. But when it comes to the patience and knowledge that is required to manipulate code and web design, I'm like C3-P0 and R2-D2 roaming the Tatooine desert - that is to say, I always felt fairly lost. But, much like C3-P0, I'm stubborn. So I guess that helps when I say to myself, "It's time do do this blog," even though I actually had no idea where to begin. The hard part is over - this blog is now a thing, and the great part is, I learned a lot by simply just doing it (cue the Nike swoosh).

So, welcome to "The Best Craft Beer Blog." I talk about why it's called "The Best" in this post (because I know you're all on the edge of your barstools wondering "Why?"). What you see here is something I've been talking about doing for the better part of two years now. As one who is extremely passionate about all things craft beer and brewing, I've long wanted a venue to share my thoughts and experiences "researching" new beers and the learning curve that has been my home-brewing journey. Like I said, I talked about it for years, and quite simply, I just needed a kick in the ass to make it happen.

That kick came in the form of a digital marketing program I am currently enrolled in (never stop learning, right?). One of the major projects was to create and launch a personal blog - and not just a place to type your words, but a blog that was carefully crafted, made sense and incorporated a certain "internet-friendliness," (my words, not theirs). That means, among other things, being searchable online, aesthetically pleasing, and actually giving a shit about the content you're providing and the potential brand you're creating.

Which brings us to the here & now.  Two birds with one stone, I guess. Surely there's a beer analogy that can replace that. This whole thing is a work in progress, and it will evolve/adapt over time. I just wanted to say hello and explain why it exists in the first place.

Bottoms up.

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