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I'll try any beer once, but there's many beers that I won't try twice. With that being said, let's talk about what types of beer will be reviewed on The Best Craft Beer Blog, and how my rating system works. 


The beer reviews here on the The Best Craft Beer Blog are fairly straightforward. I'll make comments about each beer in four main categories:

  • Packaging
  • Appearance
  • Aroma
  • Taste

The big difference you'll notice between this blog and some others is that I don't rate based on "mouthfeel." Despite the fact that I realize different beers have different body to them, carbonation levels, etc....honestly, mouthfeel has never made a major impact to me on whether or not I enjoyed the beer. I may make general comments occasionally, but it won't be a focus of the reviews. I've included packaging because it's worth noting what vessel/method the beer was served (can, bottle, growler, on tap, garden hose, etc), and because right now, the artwork on beer labelling is as great as it's ever been and it's worth mentioning. I don't assign points to any category, the reviews are simply what I'm observing as I smell and taste the beer and marvel at its magnificence.


The best part about my rating system is: THERE IS NO RATING SYSTEM! 

Personally, I've never been a fan of "1 to 10" or "star" rating systems - for anything. What can possibly cause something to be rated a 7.4 instead of a 7.6? Instead, I take a basic "yes or no" approach...I either like the beer or I don't. As I mentioned in a previous post about why this site is called The Best Craft Beer Blog, I like to exaggerate when I enjoy something. So if I think that new barrel-aged bourbon stout of yours is delicious - in that moment, it's "The Best." Think of it as a term of endearment. It doesn't mean I think it's absolute best beer of its kind (trust me, I'll say if I do), it just means that I liked it and would drink it again. A seal of approval, if you will. Easy rating system, right? It's the best!

"I'll try any beer once, but there's many beers that I won't try twice."


As far as what types of beer will be reviewed, well that's pretty open-ended. Any style of an actual beer will be featured, of course (duh). But, every now & then you can also expect to see ciders, meade and anything in between - basically any type of alcoholic beverage that has been brewed via fermentation. Wines (which I do enjoy), spirits (hello, delicious scotch) & coolers (ugh) need not apply.

Something else that I feel is important to mention: I will use proper brewing terminology whenever possible, but I don't claim to know everything and I never try to bullshit my way through something I can't explain. So if I simply think that a beer "tastes like awesome," and want to convey that message, then taste like awesome it shall.

Outside of reviews, there will be other features, such as brewery visits and beer-related events, random thoughts related to beer and brewing news, and documentation (both good and bad) of my forays into home brewing. That part should be fun.

And by all means - this blog will only get better with your feedback. So please, let me know what you think by leaving your comments & questions below. And like anything - enjoy responsibly.

Bottoms up.

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